Patrick Lundberg


Patrick Lundberg, ∙∙ ∙∙

12 November —
10 December 2022

Goya Curtain, Tokyo, Japan


An interview with Joel Kirkham

By Catherine Dale


Based in Japan for the past ten years, Joel Kirkham founded Goya Curtain in Tokyo with fellow artist Bjorn Houtman in 2016, and has since been running the gallery. Together with Catherine Dale, he discusses the project space, the exhibitions it has hosted since opening, including Anoushka Akel's recent show (RED LEGS) HOT HEAD, and the future direction for Goya Curtain.


Oliver Perkins and Parick Lundberg at Fold

23 May —
22 June 2019

Fold Gallery, London, U.K.


On Emptiness

By Rosa Gubay


Oliver Perkins and Patrick Lundberg’s recent show On Emptiness at FOLD Gallery in London presented a conversation between the two artists' work, focusing on their object-centric painting practice. Writer Rosa Gubay analyses their use of negative space and the varying forms it can take.