Public Space


Dane Mitchell, An Unbroken Surface

17 May —
08 June 2024

Gertrude Glasshouse, Naarm Melbourne, Australia


Yona Lee, The same crowd never gathers twice

10 May —
13 October 2024

Buxton Contemporary, Naarm Melbourne, Australia


Yona Lee, An Arrangement for a Room in Seoul

24 May —
04 August 2024

Art Sonje Center, Seoul, South Korea


Rozana Lee, Visiting Fellows Programme

01 April —
30 April 2024

Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography (IfL), Leipzig, Germany


Hana Pera Aoake, Delfina Foundation residency

02 April —
23 June 2024

Delfina Foundation, London, UK


Nikau Hindin, Badu Gili: Celestial

15 December 2023 —
01 December 2024

Sydney Opera House, Gadigal Lands Sydney, Australia


Ilke Gers in Building Castles in the Sky

05 April —
21 April 2024

various locations in Ghent, Belgium


PHOTO 2024: International Festival of Photography

01 March —
24 March 2024

various venues across Naarm Melbourne, Australia


Kate Newby, artist talk

12.00PM — 12.45PM
02 February 2024

Blaffer Art Museum, Houston, USA


David Rickard, Synthesis (Heavy Chain)

25 January 2024 —
25 January 2026

Pears Building, London, UK


On Civicness and participating in public life through art practice

Panel discussion in Berlin

On 2 October 2021, Contemporary HUM continues its series of panel discussions, this time focusing on Aotearoa’s large artist contingent in Berlin, and throughout Europe. 

This conversation explored the idea of ‘civicness’ and how it is tied to social responsibility within a global community, taken from the perspective of three artists from Aotearoa who are actively taking part in public life through their practice. What does collective work or cooperation with others allow in contrast to an individual practice, and is authorship important in a collaborative project? What does a site-specific response look like when working in situ within vastly different contexts, from art institutions and public theatres to the NFT market? Is there a relation to be traced between civicness and social change and what tools can be used when attempting to rethink power relations? 

Guest speakers include Glasgow-based Cat Auburn; Berlin-based Ruth Buchanan; and Warsaw-based Daniel Malone. HUM’s Editor Pauline Autet moderated the discussion.


Ilke Gers, in Border Buda

27 October 2023 —
27 October 2026

various locations in Brussels, Vilvoorde and Machelen, Belgium


Alexander Hoyles, Illuminate

20 October —
03 November 2023

Ginger Works, Leeds, UK


Fiona Connor, A Preview of an Exhibition Under Construction

13 September 2023

Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen, Essen, Germany


Semantics of a City

By María Inés Plaza Lazo


In May, publisher María Inés Plaza Lazo visited Ruth Buchanan’s A garden with bridges (spine, stomach, throat, ear), a walk-in sculpture and the result of a multi-part collaboration with the New Patrons that brings the synapses between all elements of Mönchengladbach, Germany, to new impulses.


Maddie Leach, Fountains Failures Futures: The afterlives of public art

28 September —
29 September 2023

Lund University, Lund, Sweden


Yona Lee, off-site

18 August —
14 December 2023

Art Sonje Center, Seoul, South Korea


Off Season by Richard Frater

By Henry Babbage


Off Season by Richard Frater at the Kunstverein München sparked reflections, for writer Henry Babbage, on our asymmetrical relations with the avian life that shares our cities. 


Kate Newby, Respiration

21 July —
02 September 2023

Cooper Cole, Toronto, Canada


Angela Tiatia, The Pearl, in Illuminate Adelaide

07 July —
23 July 2023

Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia


Yona Lee, Wall, floor and ceiling

24 June —
27 August 2023

Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia


Richard Frater, What remains of a naturalist

10 December 2023 —
27 April 2024

Klosterruine, Berlin, Germany


Rocks on Wheels and Flying Shoes

By Rosemary Forde


Curator Rosemary Forde explores the art-historical and civic context in which artist Mike Hewson’s recent public playground in Naarm Melbourne, Rocks on Wheels, has landed. 


Ruth Buchanan, A Garden with Bridges (spine, stomach, throat, ear)

07 May 2023 —
07 May 2028

jobcenter Mönchengladbach, Germany


Maddie Leach, The fountain: An art-technological-social drama

01 January 2021 —
01 January 2025

Lund Technical University, Lund, Sweden


Natalie Tozer at Sluice Lisbon: Territory

10 November —
13 November 2022

various locations throughout Barreiro, Lisbon, Portugal


documenta fifteen or lumbung one?

By Bruce E. Phillips


For documenta fifteen, the arts collective FAFSWAG were invited to participate as members of the lumbung process established by this year’s curatorial collective ruangrupa. In the absence of the trophy artist phenomenon so entrenched within mega-exhibitions, Bruce E. Phillips responds to the work of different participating collectives exhibiting in Kassel and discusses how introducing a non-European exhibition-making concept into the heart of arguably Europe’s most revered art event was bound to confound those unwilling to consider a differing perspective.


Chance and Impermanence

By Daria de Beauvais, Kate Newby


Texas-based Aotearoa artist Kate Newby talks to Palais de Tokyo curator Daria de Beauvais about Reclaim the Earth, traversing the ecological questions at the heart of the exhibition, Newby's collaborative process of art making, and her new works commissioned for the exhibition. 


On Civicness and Participating in Public Life through Art Practice - Panel discussion transcript

By Cat Auburn, Daniel Malone, Pauline Autet, Ruth Buchanan


For Contemporary HUM’s third panel in October 2021, On Civicness, we sat down with Cat Auburn, Ruth Buchanan, and Daniel Malone in Berlin to talk about their practices, recent projects and what “civicness” means to them as Aotearoa artists working abroad—spanning Polish experimental theatre, the memory functions of NFTs and the power relations of collecting institutions. Read the full transcript of the panel discussion here!


Forever Fresh

By Jessica Palalagi


Jessica Palalagi, co-founder of the In*ter*is*land Collective, describes how their physical base in London, MOKU Pacific HQ, London, has served as a place for tagata Moana in the UK to create and meet since its inception in 2018, and reflects on the highs and lows of the past three years, including their exhibition in late 2019, Mana Moana, Mana Wahine.