Anh Trần, Some Landscapes

10 March —
04 May 2023

Bortolami, New York, USA


Emma McIntyre, L'Almanach 23

09 March —
17 September 2023

Le Consortium Museum, Dijon, France


Emma McIntyre, Pearl Diver

11 February —
18 March 2023

Château Shatto, Los Angeles, USA


A Place You Didn’t Know That You Didn’t Know About

By Chloe Lane


Chloe Lane speaks to Aotearoa artist Imogen Taylor on finishing their six-month residency at The International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York City, discussing Taylor's newest body of work, what it's like to be a contemporary artist from Aotearoa in New York City, and what living with a ball python can teach you about fear.


Anh Trần, Brave New World: 16 Painters for the 21st Century

28 January —
11 June 2023

Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle, the Netherlands


Anh Trần, Let us run

17 December 2022 —
04 February 2023

Plymouth Rock, Zürich, Switzerland


Séraphine Pick, Sundogs

10 November —
21 December 2022

STATION, Sydney, Australia


James Robinson, Face-Down on the Earth

18 November 2022 —
24 February 2023

Nomadic Art Gallery, Ghent, Belgium


Patrick Lundberg, ∙∙ ∙∙

12 November —
10 December 2022

Goya Curtain, Tokyo, Japan


André Hemer and Grace Wright at West Bund Art & Design

10 November —
13 November 2022

West Bund Art Center, Shanghai, China


Rea Burton and Meg Porteous, Birds

21 October —
19 November 2022

Neon Parc, Melbourne, Australia


Anh Trần, Now that we have settled by the water’s edge

15 October —
09 November 2022

Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Peter Stichbury, Limited hangout

21 October —
03 December 2022

Fine Arts Sydney, Sydney, Australia


Ella Sutherland, Speaker of the House

06 October —
05 November 2022

Futures Gallery, Melbourne, Australia


André Hemer, Phenomena

17 September —
29 October 2022



Natasha Wright, Because the Night

09 August —
23 August 2022

.M Contemporary, Sydney, Australia


Reimagined Futures

By Johanna Bear


Featuring work from Aotearoa artists Edith Amituanai, Brian Fuata, Christina Pataialii, Shannon Novak and Shannon Te Ao as well as collaborators from Aotearoa in the project Kā Paroro o Haumumu: Coastal Flows / Coastal Incursions, this piece from writer and curator Johanna Bear considers the 10th Asia Pacific Triennial’s celebration of Indigenous futures, collaborative and community-based practices, and new ways of understanding the world around us. 


Settling troubled waters with Emma McIntyre

By Megan Macnaughton


A new series of works by LA-based Aotearoa painter Emma McIntyre form the artist’s first solo exhibition in Europe, Up bubbles her amorous breath—a feminised reimagining of mythological landscapes and our relationship to them. Writer Megan Macnaughton visits the exhibition and talks with McIntyre about her developing process of painting, using her whole body, to create vividly imagined abstract works. 


A painter’s painter

By Clare Gemima


Aotearoa artist Christina Pataialii features in the fifth New Museum Triennial, one of the world’s leading exhibitions for emerging artists. New York-based writer Clare Gemima visits the exhibition and reflects on Pataialii’s rule-breaking approach to painting technique, and the artist’s search for a language for her family history, identity and the cultural “in-between”.


An interview with Joel Kirkham

By Catherine Dale


Based in Japan for the past ten years, Joel Kirkham founded Goya Curtain in Tokyo with fellow artist Bjorn Houtman in 2016, and has since been running the gallery. Together with Catherine Dale, he discusses the project space, the exhibitions it has hosted since opening, including Anoushka Akel's recent show (RED LEGS) HOT HEAD, and the future direction for Goya Curtain.


Abstracting Ambivalence

By Eloise Callister-Baker


From putting her Doctor of Fine Arts on hold to dealing with the isolation caused by the Coronavirus lockdown, Vietnamese/Aotearoa artist Anh Trần discusses why she wanted to take on the two-year Rijksakademie artist program in the Netherlands, her move to Amsterdam and how it's impacted her practice and life.


Making Art in the time of COVID-19

By Chloe Lane


Two US-based New Zealand artists - Amy Howden-Chapman in New York and Emma McIntyre in Los Angeles - share their experience of the Covid-19 lockdown, how it has impacted their practice and everyday life, and discuss the possible ecological outcomes of the lockdown, including the shifting of art practices to the online world.


The Near Side

By Jon Bywater


The 22nd Biennale of Sydney opened on 14 March 2020 and unfortunately had to close its doors only nine days later due to Covid-19. Prior to its closing, writer Jon Bywater managed to visit NIRIN, looking in particular at participating artists from Aotearoa including Emily Karaka, Elisapeta Heta & John Miller, Lisa Reihana, Kulimoe’anga ‘Stone’ Maka, and FAFSWAG.


Between Light and Memory

By Sharmini Aphrodite


In the first essay in our new series focusing on New Zealand arts activity in the Asia region, writer Sharmini Aphrodite reviews André Hemer's show, Images Cast by the Sun, at Yavuz Gallery in Singapore in 2019. Finding parallels between the paintings location in Singapore and their creation in Vienna, Aphrodite articulates their visceral qualities, and ability to transcend materiality.


He Landed in a Place of Absolute Magic

By Hamish Coney, Kevin Ireland


Although born in Yorkshire, the late artist Michael Illingworth immigrated to Aotearoa at age 20 in the early 1950s, before returning to England and Europe for a brief but formative period in 1959. Hamish Coney interviews the poet and writer Kevin Ireland OBE, one of Illingworth’s oldest New Zealand friends, on their London years (1959-61); a period of, as Ireland explains, 'high-octane education and inspiration'.


A New Commonwealth Internationalism

By Aaron Lister, Damian Skinner


Writer and curator Aaron Lister talks to art historian Damien Skinner about the 'New Commonwealth Internationalism', a moment of post-WWII postcolonial internationalism in the British art scene, and its influence on British and New Zealand art history.


Kunst Kopfüber / Art Upside Down


The Goethe-Institut New Zealand and Contemporary HUM present a series of portraits about New Zealand artists who have found a new physical - and artistic - home in Germany. Kunst Kopfüber / Art Upside Down invites six international writers and curators to look at the practice of six contemporary artists from Aotearoa working across a variety of mediums, from video art to painting; large-scale installation to poetry. The written portraits about contemporary painter Sam Rountree Williams and poet Hinemoana Baker kick off this collaborative series.  


André Hemer, The Colour and The Shape

15 January —
13 February 2022

Bohemian's Guild, Tokyo, Japan


Emma McIntyre, Up Bubbles Her Amorous Breath

09 January —
12 February 2022

Air de Paris, Paris, France


Yuki Kihara, John Pule and Ngahina Hohaia at PAN: The Pan-Austro-Nesian Arts Festival

17 July —
31 October 2021

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan