Sam Hamilton with Clara Chon, Dr. Tru Paraha, Mere Tokorahi Boynton, Rhonda Tibble, Vaimaila Urale, Te Moana Meridian

25 August —
07 October 2023

Converge 45 at Oregon Contemporary, Portland, USA


Edith Amituanai, Martin Sagadin, Sriwhana Spong and Pati Tyrell, 'Legacies' international tour

03 April —
01 October 2023

ADM Gallery Singapore; Stelo, Portland, USA; LUX, London; Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany; Storage Art Space, Bangkok


Reading Artists’ Books with Interjections from a Daphne on Pete’s Front Step

By Hamish Petersen


HUM’s Senior Editor considers the unique capacities of artist books by exploring three Aotearoa artists’ international projects from recent years. They learn how the intimate encounter between page and reader relies on finely tuned elements to realise some kind of sovereignty over the artist’s story or recognition in their reader. 


Sam Hamilton: Standard Candles

25 March —
12 August 2017

Portland Art Museum, U.S.A.


Julia Stoops' debut novel 'Parts per Million'

01 April —
30 April 2018

Published by Forest Avenue Press, Portland, U.S.A.


Kate Newby: A puzzling light and moving.

16 October 2018 —
31 May 2019

The Lumber Room, Portland, U.S.A.


Kate Newby: A puzzling light and moving

28 July —
06 October 2019

Lumber Room, Portland, U.S.A.