David Rickard, Intension (the concept ‘dog’ encapsulates its ‘dogness’)

01 June —
27 July 2024

Copperfield, London, UK


We Work Well Together

By Julia Craig


Presented at Phillida Reid, Claudia Kogachi’s Labour of Love and Nova Paul’s Hawaiki offer frames through which to view the role of collaborative practice in building worlds of love, care, and self-determination.


Hana Pera Aoake, Delfina Foundation residency

02 April —
23 June 2024

Delfina Foundation, London, UK


David Rickard, Synthesis (Heavy Chain)

25 January 2024 —
25 January 2026

Pears Building, London, UK


Jen Valender, Art for Change Prize

30 November 2023 —
14 January 2024

Saatchi Gallery, London, UK


Claudia Kogachi, Labour of Love

20 January —
17 February 2024

Phillida Reid, London, UK


Alexis Hunter, Women in Revolt: Art, Activism and the Women’s movement in the UK 1970–1990

08 November 2023 —
07 April 2024

Tate Britain, London, UK


Forever Fresh Talanoa Series


A collaboration between In*ter*is*land Collective and Contemporary HUM consisting of four edited online talanoa (conversations) between several tagata Moana (Māori and Pasifika people) across the globe which centre around the principles of talanoa; ofa, mafana, malie and faka'apa'apa (love, warmth, humour and respect) and the ability to have a "reciprocal knowledge exchange".

The talanoa within this series will focus on topics such as life in the diaspora, moana futurism, queer identities, and ReMoanafication, and all will be individually responded to in written form by Anne-Marie Te Whiu (Te Rarawa), reminding us of our intricate connection and shared ancestry in Te Moananui-a-Kiwa.


Oscar Enberg, Day by Day, Good Day

26 April —
20 May 2023

Union Pacific, London, UK


Virginia Leonard, GO | BETWEEN

11 October —
15 October 2023

Cromwell Place, London, UK


Campbell Patterson and Claudia Kogachi, Group Portrait

22 July —
23 September 2023

Phillida Reid, London, UK


Sorawit Songsataya, Gasworks residency

02 October —
18 December 2023

Gasworks, London, UK


Luana Asiata, Rejects

28 July —
03 August 2023

Art Friend, London, UK


Stephen Whittaker, Roots of Day: Dying on the Vine

10 June —
08 July 2023

JC Gallery, London, UK


Oliver Smart, Open studio

24 June —
25 June 2023

Cromwell Industrial Estate, London, UK


Edith Amituanai, Martin Sagadin, Sriwhana Spong and Pati Tyrell, 'Legacies' international tour

03 April —
01 October 2023

ADM Gallery Singapore; Stelo, Portland, USA; LUX, London; Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany; Storage Art Space, Bangkok


“Sorry … Ummm”: Mystery, Mark Fisher, and Laughter

By Jasmine Gallagher


Artist Campbell Patterson discusses his recent residencies, delayed by over two years due to the pandemic, at Headlands, Sausalito, and Gasworks, London, with friend and poet Jasmine Gallagher. They share their reflections on institutions of art and medicine, and on carving out their own spaces for the process of creation. 


Tiffany Singh, I Saw it on TV

21 April —
22 April 2023

Copeland Gallery, London, UK


James Tapsell-Kururangi, Delfina Foundation residency

03 April —
25 June 2023

Delfina Foundation, London, UK


In*ter*is*land Collective, Whenua: Of soil and blood

21 February —
12 March 2023

Burgh House, London, UK


Eleanor Catton, Birnam Wood author discussion

16 March 2023

Southbank Centre, London, UK


Fiona Connor, Long Distance

04 November 2022 —
15 January 2023

Maureen Paley, London, UK


Kate Newby, So close,come on

25 November 2022 —
21 January 2023

The Sunday Painter, London, UK


Simon Denny, Dotcom Séance

16 October —
04 December 2022

Now Building, London, UK


Forever Fresh Talanoa Series 2


Following on from our 2021 talanoa series, this is a new round of edited online talanoa (conversations) between several tagata Moana (Māori and Pasifika people) across the globe, once again produced in collaboration with In*ter*is*land Collective.

Each talanoa in this series focuses on different topics central to life in the diaspora and is individually responded to in writing by Ioana Gordon-Smith, a Sāmoan/Pākehā arts writer and curator living in Aotearoa.


Pippa Blake, Undercurrents

18 October —
11 November 2022

Cromwell Place, London & Candida Stevens Gallery, Chichester


Emma Bass, Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition

21 June —
21 August 2022

Royal Academy of Arts, London, United Kingdom


David Rickard, Landfall

30 June —
06 August 2022

Copperfield Gallery, London, UK


Sarah Rose, Brent Biennial 2022

08 July —
11 September 2022

Various venues across Brent, London, United Kingdom


Vivian Lynn / Liliane Lijn

By Laura Castagnini


Following her death in 2018, pioneering feminist artist Vivian Lynn is receiving unprecedented international attention, after a lifetime of exhibiting widely in Aotearoa, but never outside of New Zealand. Following her recent inclusion in the 13th Gwangju Biennale and a solo exhibition at Southard Reid, London, Laura Castagnini reflects on the long-overdue revival of feminist art practices from the 1980s, and considers the striking parallels between Lynn’s work and her London-based counterpart, Liliane Lijn.