George Nuku, Oceans. Collections. Reflections.

23 June 2022 —
31 January 2023

Weltmuseum Wien, Vienna, Austria


Zac Langdon Pole, Eureka!

04 September —
02 October 2021

VIN VIN Gallery, Vienna, Austria


Kate Newby: I can’t nail the days down

16 May —
02 September 2018

Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz, Vienna, Austria.


Nik Geene at Galerie Hagland

14 September —
13 October 2018

Galerie Hagland, Vienna, Austria.


Bruce Barber in Lost in Europe: in the wake of Britain’s inner emigration

19 October —
09 November 2018

Mekân68, Vienna, Austria.


Oscar Enberg at Pina Vienna

11 November —
05 December 2018

Pina Vienna, Austria.


Mladen Bizumic and Simon Denny in Dialogue, co-curated by Simon Rees

23 November 2018 —
26 January 2019

Georg Karl Gallery, Vienna, Austria.


Fiona Connor: #8, Closed for Installation, A Sequence of Events

27 June —
01 September 2019

Secession, Vienna, Austria


Simone Aughterlony performs at Impulstanz

6.30PM — 8.30PM
08 August 2019

Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz, Vienna, Austria


Permanent Migration

By Signe Rose


In a letter to her husband sculptor Martyn Reynolds, artist Signe Rose reflects on their life in Vienna as parents and artists, having moved to Austria from New Zealand in 2010. She also shares about feeling like a constant tourist, and about the ways in which her art is viewed by both European and New Zealand audiences. 


Something Different

By Laura Preston


A look at a series of exhibitions by women artists held at Secession in Vienna, including by New Zealand artist Fiona Connor, who has been based in Los Angeles since 2011. Connor's show, #8, Closed for Installation, Sequence of Events, presented cast bronze pieces alongside architectural interruptions, and was shown in conjunction with German artist Nora Schultz and Palestinian-English artist Rosalind Nashashibi. 


Kate Newby: I can’t nail the days down

By Chloe Geoghegan


I can't nail the days down is Brooklyn-based Kate Newby's first Austrian solo exhibition, presented at Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna in 2018. Based both inside and outside of the Kunsthalle, the work invited visitors to take a closer look at Newby's engagements with the context of exhibition.


A Material Direction

By Jodie Dalgleish


Jodie Dalgleish talks to New Zealand/German artist André Hemer about his recent series A Hot Mess, his PhD practice and his experience as an ex-pat New Zealander.