Crossing Currents: Episode 1

By Contemporary HUM


Aotearoa New Zealand artist Areez Katki speaks to HUM about The Rhapsode’s Tools Will Build the Rhapsode’s House, his presentation in the 7th edition of Personal Structures. Katki discusses the processes and politics of exhibiting in Personal Structures and the two series he produced for the exhibition, which take migrant and queer positionalities as points from which to restore notions of pedagogy and learning from patriarchal, religious dictates to an affectual, instinctual realm of care.


Rozana Lee, Studio Kura residency

01 May —
31 May 2024

Studio Kura, Fukuoka, Japan


Areez Katki, The Rhapsode’s Tools Will Build the Rhapsode’s House in Personal Structures

20 April —
24 November 2024

Palazzo Mora, Venice, Italy


“To see us on our best day.”

By Dávvet Bruun-Solbaak


Offering a glimpse at the wide range of emotions and encounters that Aotearoa-based artist Maungarongo Te Kawa and Northern Sámi activist Dávvet Bruun-Solbaak share in their multifaceted experiences at different edges of the globe, this conversation takes Te Kawa’s recent residency and touring exhibition in Norway and Sámi territories as a departure point.


Yuki Kihara, Factory of Tomorrow

16 March —
14 July 2024

Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile, Hong Kong


Yuki Kihara, Art Basel Conversation

12.30PM — 1.30PM
30 March 2024

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong


Areez Katki, As this chin melts on your knee

11 January —
24 February 2024

TARQ, Mumbai, India


Ella Sutherland, Image, Interrupted

13 February —
12 April 2024

UTS Gallery, Sydney, Australia


Claudia Kogachi, Labour of Love

20 January —
17 February 2024

Phillida Reid, London, UK


A River Runs Through It: Creative Currents Through Aotearoa and Japan with Grace Mirams

By Jennifer Pastore


This summer Grace Mirams spent six weeks visiting studios and sharing her exhibition I’m at the river, I’ll meet you by the sea at Gallery Crossing in Minokamo, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. After speaking with Mirams in Tokyo and visiting the exhibition, writer Jennifer Pastore considers how Mirams’ practice and interests resonate with a region of Japan steeped in craft and exchange.


Clay Te Pai, Indigenous Artists Exchange

19 October —
24 October 2023

Fiji Museum, Suva, Fiji


Florence Wild, At Sea

20 October —
22 October 2023

Alta Art Space, Malmö, Sweden


Maungarongo Te Kawa, Te Whare Pora: A Sacred Space

26 October 2023 —
21 January 2024

Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš Sami Centre for Contemporary Art, Karasjok, Norway


Reuben Paterson, Nga Meka Tui Kura (Epilogue)

25 August —
30 September 2023

Bergman Gallery, Rarotonga, Cook Islands


Maungarongo Te Kawa, Te Whare Pora: A Sacred Space

19 August —
24 September 2023

NITJA Senter for Samtidskunst, Lillestrøm, Norway


Josephine Cachemaille, Joya: A.i.R residency

01 August —
31 August 2023

Joya: AiR, Vélez Blanco, Spain


Christoper Duncan, Evangeline Riddiford-Graham and Victoria Wynne-Jones, never together

20 July —
19 August 2023

FUTURES, Melbourne, Australia


Angela Tiatia, George Nuku, Louisa Humphrey and Yuki Kihara, Rising Tide: Art and Environment in Oceania

12 August 2023 —
14 April 2024

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, UK


Virginia Leonard, Composition & Layout: Contemporary Design & Objects

17 September —
22 October 2022

Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami, USA


Meandering Gestures, Infiltrating Language

By Imaad Majeed


Artist, curator and writer Imaad Majeed talks with Aotearoa artist Areez Katki about his participation in Language is Migrant, the latest edition of the international arts festival Colomboscope, in Sri Lanka, and about using embroidery and textiles to explore ideas of displacement, trajectories of violence, and the colonial legacy of his own Parsi heritage.


A protest and a mourning ritual

By Michelangelo Corsaro


In their work for the 13th Gwangju Biennale, the Bad Fiji Gyals call attention to the legacy of Girmitiya women, indentured labourers from the Indian subcontinent recruited by British colonial authorities to work on Fiji’s sugarcane plantations. Associate Curator Michelangelo Corsaro writes about the collaborative work of Aotearoa-based artist Quishile Charan and US-based artist Esha Pillay.


Areez Katki in Colomboscope Interdisciplinary Arts Festival

20 January —
30 January 2022

Colomboscope, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Resistance through Koloa

By Ysabelle Cheung


The second publication from our special series focusing on the Asia region, looks to Hong Kong gallery Para Site, and its exhibition Koloa: Women, Art, and Technology. The exhibition centres on koloa, or customary women’s arts in Tonga, and features three artists from New Zealand: Tanya Edwards, Nikau Hindin, and Vaimaila Urale.


An interview with Francis Upritchard

By Contemporary HUM


As part of Contemporary HUM’s series of interviews with New Zealand artists exhibiting during the 57th Venice Biennale, we talk to Francis Upritchard about her work in the Biennale.