Judy Millar


This Model World, Travels to the Edge of Contemporary Art

By Will Gresson


Will Gresson reviews the book This Model World, Travels to the Edge of Contemporary Art, by Anthony Byrt, published in 2016.


Judy Millar: Swallowed in Space

27 October —
23 December 2017

Mark Muller Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland


Max Gimblett and Judy Millar: Edges of Darkness

05 September —
25 October 2018

Hamish Morrison Galerie, Berlin, Germany.


Judy Millar: The View from Nowhere

13 September —
20 October 2018

Fold Gallery, London, U.K.


Judy Millar: The Future and the Past Perfect

02 March —
19 May 2019

Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, Zurich, Switzerland.


Judy Millar at Kunst Museum Winterthur

18 May —
18 August 2019

Kunst Museum Winterthur, Switzerland


Judy Millar at Galerie Mark Mueller

08 June —
20 July 2019

Galerie Mark Mueller, Zurich, Switzerland


Judy Millar at Mark Müller Gallery

27 June —
15 August 2020

Galerie Mark Müller, Zürich, Switzerland


Judy Millar: The Sinew of Space

By Jodie Dalgleish


Jodie Dalgleish considers Judy Millar's exhibition Swallowed in Space at Galerie Mark Müller in Zurich (2017), reflecting on the way Millar's affective paintings can activate space to create a 'bodily-felt' experience and extensively draws on a dialogue between the writer and the artist evaluating 'what painting does to us'.


NZ at Venice

By Will Gresson


London-based New Zealand writer Will Gresson looks back at the way New Zealand has presented itself at the Venice Biennale, since first officially taking part in 2001. In particular, Gresson shares a personal response to the last five national projects and some thoughts on the relevance of cross-national presentations in the future.