Alexa Wilson


Alexa Wilson in Spring Season performance series

8.00PM — 10.00PM
17 May 2024

Grace Exhibition Space, NYC, USA


Alexa Wilson, Love (in Chaos)

05 September 2023

Scope BLN, Berlin Germany


Alexa Wilson, ALIEN

18 August 2023

CPR - Center for Performance Research, New York, USA


Reading Artists’ Books with Interjections from a Daphne on Pete’s Front Step

By Hamish Petersen


HUM’s Senior Editor considers the unique capacities of artist books by exploring three Aotearoa artists’ international projects from recent years. They learn how the intimate encounter between page and reader relies on finely tuned elements to realise some kind of sovereignty over the artist’s story or recognition in their reader. 


Alexa Wilson, Mothership residency

01 July —
01 August 2022

Mothership, New York, USA


Alexa Wilson: The Resistant Body

17 July —
21 July 2017

Ponderosa, near Berlin, Germany, NYC & New Zealand


Alexa Wilson presents: Gasping for Air, aka Breathless

24 October —
27 October 2017

Dixon Place; Centre for Performance Research; and Mothership, New York


Performance by Alexa Wilson at Vulva Club #19 - WORK

11.00AM — 1.00PM
01 May 2018

Agora Collective, Berlin, Germany


Performance by Alexa Wilson

10.00AM — 2.00PM
06 June 2018

Konig Otto, Berlin, Germany


Alexa Wilson performs at Art and (H)acktivism, London

10.00AM — 3.00PM
21 July 2018

Ugly Duck, London, U.K.


Movements of Outsiders

By Alexa Wilson


Together with three of her contemporaries, interdisciplinary artist Alexa Wilson considers dance and performance art in the time of Covid - how does a medium that relies so much on physical presence, collaboration, audience and space respond to global lockdowns and a forced shift online?


999, Alchemist Trauma Centre / Power Centre

By Jorge De Hoyos


Berlin-based Jorge de Hoyos first experienced Alexa Wilson's current project 999: Alchemist Trauma Centre / Power Centre when both artists were auditioning for a Masters in Solo Dance Authorship in Berlin. In this part-essay, part-interview, they discuss the work, which is due to be performed in London, Berlin, India and NZ later this year, and exchange their views on feminism and challenging binary perceptions.