Raewyn Turner and Brian Harris, MuVi6

26 October —
29 October 2022

Convent of Capuchinos, Alcalá la Real and University of Granada, Spain


Stories of Becoming

By Harvey Bruce Milligan


Sitting at a bar assembled from upcycled materials in Taipei, Harvey Bruce Milligan reports from Aotearoa-based artist Xin Cheng’s contribution to IsLand Bar, an annual event in which artists are invited to construct a bar as a platform for performance. Addressing Cheng's use of re-purposed materials as a basis for creativity and connection, he explores the artist's consideration of a broad material ecology and her pursuit of connecting people to the lives of things in a wider project of "regenerative re-making". 


Kate Newby, So close,come on

25 November 2022 —
21 January 2023

The Sunday Painter, London, UK


Raewyn Turner and Brian Harris, Sensoria. The Art and Science of our Senses

16 September —
30 October 2022

LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk, Poland and York University, Toronto, Canada



18 November —
27 November 2022

MOM art space, Hamburg, Germany


Sarah Rose, Plastic: Remaking our World

29 October 2022 —
05 February 2023

V&A Dundee, Dundee, Scotland


Séraphine Pick, Sundogs

10 November —
21 December 2022

STATION, Sydney, Australia


Richard Lewer, Lisa Reihana and Francis Upritchard, Sydney Modern Project

02 December 2022 —
02 December 2024

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia


A Time of Uncertainties – Remodelling Reality

By Zsófia Danka


Considering our altered experience of time in a moment marked by crisis, curator and art critic Zsófia Danka looks to Extended Present – Transitional Realities, a group exhibition at Budapest's Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art featuring Aotearoa New Zealand artist Dane Mitchell that explores notions of transience, the failure of modernity, and the possibility of change. 


Patrick Lundberg, ∙∙ ∙∙

12 November —
10 December 2022

Goya Curtain, Tokyo, Japan


Fiona Pardington, Wairua o te hau

12 November —
23 December 2022

1301SW, Melbourne, Australia


Anh Trần, Is it morning for you yet?, 58th Carnegie International

24 September 2022 —
02 April 2023

Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, USA


André Hemer and Grace Wright at West Bund Art & Design

10 November —
13 November 2022

West Bund Art Center, Shanghai, China


Rea Burton and Meg Porteous, Birds

21 October —
19 November 2022

Neon Parc, Melbourne, Australia


HUM stands for NZ at Venice

Special feature

In light of the review of Aotearoa New Zealand’s ‘official’ presence at the Venice Biennale, HUM invited New Zealanders on- and off-shore who have visited or been involved in ‘New Zealand at Venice’ projects—as artists, pavilion attendants, exhibition installers or designers—to reflect on how involvement in (or experience of) our previous national pavilions have influenced their own careers, and the international profile of contemporary art from Aotearoa.


Aotearoa Reviews its Official Participation in the Venice Biennale

By Anna Brown, Bruce Barber, Heather Galbraith, Hutch Wilco, James Goggin, Jennifer Flay, Jhana Millers, Julia Holderness, Laura Preston, Michael Stevenson, Ron Hanson, Sophie Thorn, Tessa Giblin, Tessa Laird


In light of the current review of Aotearoa New Zealand’s ‘official’ presence at the Venice Biennale, HUM invited responses from New Zealanders on- and off-shore who have visited or been involved in ‘New Zealand at Venice’ projects, as artists, pavilion attendants, exhibition installers or designers, to enable insights into how involvement in (or experience of) our previous national pavilions have influenced people’s own careers, and the profile of contemporary art from Aotearoa.


Ann Shelton, i am an old phenomenon

04 November —
22 December 2022

Denny Dinim, New York, USA


Yota Ayaan, myoo-choo-uh-liz-uhm

15 September —
04 November 2022

Espaço Pontes, Fundão, Portugal


Meandering Gestures, Infiltrating Language

By Imaad Majeed


Artist, curator and writer Imaad Majeed talks with Aotearoa artist Areez Katki about his participation in Language is Migrant, the latest edition of the international arts festival Colomboscope, in Sri Lanka, and about using embroidery and textiles to explore ideas of displacement, trajectories of violence, and the colonial legacy of his own Parsi heritage.


Pippa Blake, Undercurrents

18 October —
11 November 2022

Cromwell Place, London & Candida Stevens Gallery, Chichester


documenta fifteen or lumbung one?

By Bruce E. Phillips


For documenta fifteen, the arts collective FAFSWAG were invited to participate as members of the lumbung process established by this year’s curatorial collective ruangrupa. In the absence of the trophy artist phenomenon so entrenched within mega-exhibitions, Bruce E. Phillips responds to the work of different participating collectives exhibiting in Kassel and discusses how introducing a non-European exhibition-making concept into the heart of arguably Europe’s most revered art event was bound to confound those unwilling to consider a differing perspective.


Chance and Impermanence

By Daria de Beauvais, Kate Newby


Texas-based Aotearoa artist Kate Newby talks to Palais de Tokyo curator Daria de Beauvais about Reclaim the Earth, traversing the ecological questions at the heart of the exhibition, Newby's collaborative process of art making, and her new works commissioned for the exhibition. 


Jen Valender, A-FIELD

07 July —
09 July 2022

Heide Museum of Modern Art and Centre for Projection Art, Melbourne, Australia


Emma Bass, Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition

21 June —
21 August 2022

Royal Academy of Arts, London, United Kingdom


Tane Moleta and Mizuho Nishioka, Ars Electronica 2022

07 September —
11 September 2022

Kepler's Gardens, JKU Campus Linz, Austria


Susan Te Kahurangi King: Survey 1956-2022

29 July —
09 October 2022

Ruttkowski;68, Düsseldorf, Germany


Nikau Hindin and Yuki Kihara, STILL ALIVE, Aichi Triennale 2022

30 July —
10 October 2022

Various venues across Aichi, Japan


The Way Through Doors

By Andrew Berardini


Andrew Berardini visits Fiona Connor’s solo exhibition at Château Shatto in LA, where the artist’s carefully rendered replicas of the doors of closed down clubs conjure up memories of forgotten youth. 


Sam Mesler, Neustart Kultur Identity Lab

19 July —
20 July 2022

Neanderthal Museum, Düsseldorf, Germany


Areez Katki, Event, Memory, Metaphor

14 July —
24 September 2022

TARQ, Mumbai, India