San Francisco


Kate Newby, The path guides the meaning

11 August —
09 September 2023

Rebecca Camacho, San Francisco, USA


Simon Denny, Read, Write, Own

16 September —
21 October 2023

Altman Siegel, San Francisco, USA


Max Gimblett, The Beginning of Time

11 February —
01 April 2023

Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco, USA


Raw Matériel

By Emil McAvoy


Within the greater context of the recent massacre in Christchurch, San Fransisco-based New Zealand photographer Jono Rotman discusses his new work Matériel which depicts a series of privately owned guns in the US, and his recent publication Mongrelism, which features the New Zealand-based gang, the Mighty Mongrel Mob.


Sriwhana Spong at Kadist

07 February —
21 April 2018

Kadist, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.


Yuki Kihara, First Impressions: Paul Gauguin

17 November 2018 —
07 April 2019

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, USA


Yuki Kihara in panel discussion at de Young SF

1.00PM — 3.00PM
10 February 2019

de Young Museum, San Francisco, U.S.A.


Lisa Reihana: in Pursuit of Venus [infected]

10 August 2019 —
05 January 2020

de Young Museum, San Francisco, U.S.A.


Simon Denny: Security Through Obscurity

14 January —
22 February 2020

Altman Siegel Gallery, San Francisco, U.S.A.


Simon Denny at de Young Museum

22 February —
25 October 2020

de Young Museum, San Francisco, U.S.A.


Max Gimblett: juggernaut

08 September —
10 October 2020

Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco, U.S.A.


Forever Fresh Talanoa Series

By Afatasi The Artist, Anne-Marie Te Whiu, Momoe i manu ae ala atea’e Tasker


In this first episode of our new special series of talanoa (online conversations) produced in collaboration with In*ter*is*land Collective, Anne-Marie Te Whiu responds to a discussion between Afatasi the Artist and Momoe i manu ae ala atea’e Tasker on identity and how it's expressed in their creative practices, finding their community in various daily rituals while living in the diaspora, and maintaining their connections to 'home'.


Treatise as Exhibition

By Amira Gad


In the first piece of this two-part conversation, Aotearoa artist Simon Denny speaks about his recent projects, including his 2020 solo show at Altman Siegel in San Francisco which included former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's scarves and 'Tech-Bro' Patagonia vests, and about corresponding with Peter Thiel after he came to see Denny's show at Michael Lett Gallery in Auckland in 2017.