Denise Batchelor, Cinema 3/99: The wonders of water

23 September —
26 November 2023

CCCB, Barcelona, Spain


Kevin Booth, Blur Queer Lines

16 June —
03 July 2022

Mahi Toi Studio and Gallery, Barcelona, Spain


Virginia Leonard, Exposed Material

17 March —
30 March 2022

Side Gallery, Barcelona, Spain


Directions in Art Publishing during Covid-19

By Freya Copeland


Reflecting on the disruptions of the Covid-19 pandemic in the world of independent book publishing, artist, curator and co-founder of Berlin-based Replika Publishing, Freya Copeland writes on the history of artists’ books and the role of independent publishing. She considers the lessons the industry can learn after a year and a half without art book fairs—usually an essential opportunity for publishers to meet collaborators, distributors and other publishers, and how the world of art book publishing might evolve going forward.