Angela Tiatia


Angela Tiatia, The Dark Current

05 September —
12 November 2023

ACMI, Melbourne, Australia


Angela Tiatia, The Pearl, in Illuminate Adelaide

07 July —
23 July 2023

Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia


Angela Tiatia, George Nuku, Louisa Humphrey and Yuki Kihara, Rising Tide: Art and Environment in Oceania

12 August 2023 —
14 April 2024

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, UK


Amrita Hepi and Angela Tiatia, Oceanic Thinking

19 July —
17 December 2022

The University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane, Australia


'Conflict In My Outlook' Book Launch

2.30PM — 3.30PM
07 May 2022

QAG, Brisbane, Australia


Yuki Kihara, Selina Tusitala Marsh, and Angela Tiatia in Paul Gauguin - Why Are You Angry?

26 March —
10 July 2022

Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin, Germany


Simon Denny and Angela Tiatia, 'Don't Be Evil'

30 July 2021 —
22 January 2022

The University of Queensland Art Museum, St Lucia, Australia


Robin White and Angela Tiata, Matisse Alive

01 October 2021 —
01 October 2022

Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, Australia


Southern Transmissions: Contemporary Video Art From Oceania

20 November —
13 December 2020

Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China