Feeling, pressed

By Ash Kilmartin


Zooming-in to personal memory and bodily encounter, Rotterdam-based artist Ash Kilmartin writes on the work of Alexis Hunter (1948–2014) in An Emergency Exit Sealed Shut at Kunstverein, Amsterdam.


Lisa Walker juwelierster / Jewellery Star

18 May —
21 May 2023

International Jewellery Art Fair, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Alexis Hunter, An Emergency Exit Sealed Shut

22 April —
03 June 2023

Kunstverein, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Anh Trần, Now that we have settled by the water’s edge

15 October —
09 November 2022

Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Abstracting Ambivalence

By Eloise Callister-Baker


From putting her Doctor of Fine Arts on hold to dealing with the isolation caused by the Coronavirus lockdown, Vietnamese/Aotearoa artist Anh Trần discusses why she wanted to take on the two-year Rijksakademie artist program in the Netherlands, her move to Amsterdam and how it's impacted her practice and life.


Tash Keddy, everything feels like just feeling everything all the time

12 May —
28 May 2022

Mutter, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Stephen Whittaker, A Moment

08 April —
17 April 2022

The Tesoro Collection, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Anh Trần, Group show at Galerie Fons Welters

12 March —
30 April 2022

Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Yonel Watene, Needles in the Hay

12 December 2021 —
31 January 2022

Prinsengracht 675, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Simon Morris: A Whole and Two Halves

05 November —
02 December 2017

PS Projectspace, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Anh Trần in residence at The Rijksakademie

01 January 2020 —
30 May 2022

The Rijksakademie, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Playing with Gender at the Tropenmuseum

By Millie Riddell


What a Genderful World, the current exhibition at Amsterdam's Tropenmuseum, focuses on gender in the modern world and features Aotearoa artist Yuki Kihara; the next representative for New Zealand at the Venice Biennale. Writer Millie Riddell explores how the works presented function within the anthropological lens used in this exhibition and the balance between the genuine discussions of gender and the corporate and colonial undertones of the presentation.