Francis Upritchard, Friends in Love and War — L'Éloge des Meilleurs Enemies

08 March —
07 July 2024

macLYON, Lyon, France


Forever Fresh Talanoa Series 2.1

By Ioana Gordon-Smith, Rosanna Raymond, Tanu Gago


Our first episode in this four-part talanoa series, produced in collaboration with In*ter*is*land Collective, has Rosanna Raymond and Tanu Gago reflecting on recent international projects and the difficulties of being Moana artists working in countries with cultural amnesia over their colonial pasts. Written response by Aotearoa writer and curator Ioana Gordon-Smith.


Rosanna Raymond and Jamie Waititi, SaVĀge K’Lub presents Vā TAMATEA

28 April —
29 October 2022

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham, United Kingdom


Wara Bullôt in International Photography Exhibition 161

07 February —
27 October 2019

Various venues, U.K./Ireland