Xin Cheng


Xin Cheng, SO CLOSE / SO FAR

12 August —
15 August 2021

Hyper Cultural Passenger, Hamburg, Germany


Xin Cheng: Following the Rubber Trails

19 July —
28 July 2019

Frappant Galerie, Hamburg, Germany


Social Imagination

By Lance Pearce


Xin Cheng's Seeing Like a Forest, made during her study at HFBK - University Of Fine Arts Hamburg from 2017-2019, focuses on issues such as sustainability, communities, and resourcefulness. Artist and writer Lance Pearce discusses these themes and their relevance to a world in the midst of a pandemic.


The Discreet Charm of Chance

By Jari Niesner


In her recent exhibition Following the Rubber Trails, at Frappant Galerie in Hamburg, Germany, Xin Cheng addresses the politics, history and philosophy of rubber, in its varying forms. Writer Jari Nieser explores the artist's performance, film and installation.