Off Season by Richard Frater

By Henry Babbage


Off Season by Richard Frater at the Kunstverein München sparked reflections, for writer Henry Babbage, on our asymmetrical relations with the avian life that shares our cities. 


Lemi Ponifasio, Amor a la muerte (Love to Death)

07 July —
08 July 2023

Joliette Theater, Marseille, France


Yuki Kihara, Powerhouse Late x Vivid Ideas: Paradise Fair

15 June 2023

Powerhouse Ultimo, Sydney, Australia


Jade Hadfield, MIRROR: New views on photography

19 May 2023 —
28 January 2024

State Library Victoria, Melbourne, Australia


Kate McIntosh, Lake Life

18 May —
21 June 2023

Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels, Belgium & Schäxpir, Linz, Austria


The Octopus Against a Sharp White Background

By Amit Noy


Writer and choreographer Amit Noy reviews Atamira Dance Company’s performance of Te Wheke in the Lenape territory of New York City, and finds a work enlivened by indelible performances and critical Indigenous inquiry.


“I’m a burnt tongue, crying for the promised river.”

By Anne-Marie Te Whiu


In a wide-ranging conversation ahead of the release of poet and performer Daley Rangi’s poetry collection Burnt Tongue, Associate Editor for HUM Anne-Marie Te Whiu talks with Rangi about the role of stories, language and community, on the Gadigal lands of Sydney, Australia. 


Martin Patrick, book release, The Performing Observer: Essays on Contemporary Art, Performance, and Photography

01 March 2023 —
01 March 2028

online and from selected global stockists


Simon Denny, Metaverse Landscapes

14 May —
16 July 2023

Kunstverein Hannover, Hanover, Germany


Nikau Hindin and Rongomai Kapiri-Mārama Hoskins, O Quilombismo

01 June —
26 August 2023

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany


Thinking Historically in the Present

By Megan Tamati-Quennell


Having attended the opening week of Sharjah Biennial 15, Megan Tamati-Quennell writes about the work of Aotearoa artists Robyn Kahukiwa and Kahurangiariki Smith, included in this large-scale exhibition in the United Arab Emirates, and how Hoor Al Qasimi has carried the curatorial mantle from Okwui Enwezor to create an exhibition that both celebrates the late curator’s legacy and the diversity, solidarity and strength of non-Western art.


NZPQ, 'Ka emiemi' at Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2023

08 June —
18 June 2023

Holešovice Market, Prague, Czech Republic


André Hemer, Troposphere

11 May —
24 June 2023

Hollis Taggart, New York City, USA


Fiona Amundsen, Backlight photography festival 2023

17 June —
15 October 2023

Tampere Art Museum, Tampere, Finland


Rocks on Wheels and Flying Shoes

By Rosemary Forde


Curator Rosemary Forde explores the art-historical and civic context in which artist Mike Hewson’s recent public playground in Naarm Melbourne, Rocks on Wheels, has landed. 


Ruth Buchanan, A Garden with Bridges (spine, stomach, throat, ear)

07 May 2023 —
07 May 2028

jobcenter Mönchengladbach, Germany


Edith Amituanai, Martin Sagadin, Sriwhana Spong and Pati Tyrell, 'Legacies' international tour

03 April —
31 August 2023

ADM Gallery Singapore; Stelo, Portland, USA; LUX, London; Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany; Storage Art Space, Bangkok


Wanda Gillespie, Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts and Design 2023

31 March —
01 November 2023

MUZA, Eretz Israel Museum, Israel


Tamsen Hopkinson, Ming Ranginui, Shiraz Sadikeen, Shannon Te Ao, Octopus 23: THE FIELD

15 April —
11 June 2023

Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia


“Sorry … Ummm”: Mystery, Mark Fisher, and Laughter

By Jasmine Gallagher


Artist Campbell Patterson discusses his recent residencies, delayed by over two years due to the pandemic, at Headlands, Sausalito, and Gasworks, London, with friend and poet Jasmine Gallagher. They share their reflections on institutions of art and medicine, and on carving out their own spaces for the process of creation. 


Dane Mitchell in We Are Electric, curated by Anna Briers

14 February —
24 June 2023

University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane, Australia


James Tapsell-Kururangi, Delfina Foundation residency

03 April —
25 June 2023

Metroland Cultures, London, UK


Emma McIntyre, L'Almanach 23

09 March —
17 September 2023

Le Consortium Museum, Dijon, France


Jess Johnson, we can’t keep going the way we’ve been going but we know no other way to go

16 November 2022 —
04 February 2024

Shepparton Art Museum, Yorta Yorta Country, Shepparton, Australia


Reading Artists’ Books with Interjections from a Daphne on Pete’s Front Step

By Hamish Petersen


HUM’s Senior Editor considers the unique capacities of artist books by exploring three Aotearoa artists’ international projects from recent years. They learn how the intimate encounter between page and reader relies on finely tuned elements to realise some kind of sovereignty over the artist’s story or recognition in their reader. 


FAFSWAG, Manchester International Festival 2023

29 June —
16 July 2023

Manchester International Festival, Manchester and wider region, UK


Jess Johnson, Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program

01 May 2023 —
01 May 2024

Roswell, New Mexico, USA


To Move Across a Window

By Francisco González Castro


Texas-based artist and writer Francisco González Castro was first introduced to the many-armed project Beberemos El Vino Nuevo, Juntos! / Let Us Drink the New Wine, Together!, co-created by artist and educator alys longley and featuring no less than 19 Aotearoa contributors, just as the pandemic was escalating internationally. Here, he considers the lessons it presented to audiences in Santiago in the summer of 2022, just as the distance that defined the collaborators’ interactions was once again traversable.


Paul Cullen Archive, Digital r/p/m proposition #1: Planetarium

22 December 2022 —
22 December 2025

Eise Eisinga Planetarium, Franeker, the Netherlands and online